A suggestion to Google engineers

This is from Rory Sutherland Ted talk.

As you can in Google or other SE algorithm this is how you can put various SEO tactics.
All I am asking is to use PBN as web2.0 ie like Ads.
Use Web 2.0 as SM.
Use Money sites as PBN and
SM as money site.

Google sees SM links as any other nofollow link. It use to take social signals into account until Matt Cutts said that FB blocked their crawlers so now they don’t.

This is how it should count SM links.
Popular SM profiles likes and shares should count more than comments and vice versa in not so popular sites likes web 2.0 and forums. But obviously it doesn’t and can’t without our help.

I put some unique keywords in my one site and blast all PBN and web 2.0 of all money site. This gives SM post links their right nofollow value.

This all will take only adding some keywords and blasting GSA all connecting SM, PBN, Web 2.0 with that keywords.
But if we do that in coming like a year or so there would not be much difference in info sharing in both platforms so there would be no point blocking crawlers for FB.
Then may be Google engineers get inspired to work to write a stable code for SM.

Making PBN like ADS means giving more links to current news and main stream info sites not just Wikipedia and adding your ink as Ads for real visitors.

Using web 2.0 as SM means more meaning sharing and conversation that typical popular SM posts.
Using Money site as PBN means linking to each other as your liking.
Using SM as money sites means posting regular interesting info like bloggers. This improves SEO of all sites. Many people post more on their site rather than SM just for Google.
This will change.

Actually this is inspired from the structure of our brain which is divided it into 4 parts and give with a twist.

More here.
Source: Thermostatsales.com

Why we need to get rid of empathy

Empathy is a strange thing. It tells us to be in someone else’s shoes. But it is hardly followed.

Why because we don’t have the the capacity to empathize with everyone naturally.

For ex- I would know more of men’s problem than of women’s problem.

So I would like to keep conscious thoughts and efforts close to what I can naturally empathize. However that should not be the case when I am not on vacation. Its vacation because we derive pleasure from empathy.

For ex- Friends birthday, Having a grandkid or being an uncle, or social media post likes, chauvinism and also sex.

We know pleasure without conscience is not healthy yet we are reluctant to the idea that empathy is bad for conscience.

Because they are things in your environment it is selfish to put empathy as a factor for judgment because it is bound to be biased.

It clouds the facts on advantages you are born with and also disadvantages of others.

For ex- A single isolated incident of crime or violence in your context cannot determine its importance and fate of every person in the world just because it is of importance to you.

So once it is established that empathy is bad in deciding moments of state of affairs of the commons we ask then how do we decide.

Well we have laws and rules because they are accumulation of old wisdom made for the general.

But the irony is that they serve the very opposite purpose than what they were made for because rules and laws were not empathetically derived at the time of its making and so should also be the case while using them.

So you see if you are bad there is no reason for you to be good and vice versa.

Sounds simple than is- If you cannot empathize with a dog or insect there is no reason to hide it and without shame.

Similarly if you cannot live without a dog you should probably be a dog researcher than a pet blogger.

Because intelligence is less dispensable than dog pictures. Dog pictures may help.

Now comes the psychopath. Well you cannot win in terms of empathy with a psychopath so if you have excess empathy for someone a psychopath might help you get rid of it.

So they have a role but that role is as best as we can appoint them with.

Last year I thought of writing a book named “Sympathy with Psychopaths”. Then I realized its the basic content of every bestseller because the world is run by Psychopaths only.

It can be framed in different ways but the content is same. A close observation of psychopaths and sympathy within the critic.

Overall there is no point in thinking them as good or bad because they had not been born if the genetics or epigenetics do not want less empathy within the system or symbiosis or whatever I am not a doctor.

Narcissism and psychopathy are not exactly the same but a narcissist is more prone to go psychotic. So condemning narcissism is as ineffective.

Instead praise narcissism that made you the real candidate to show off narcissism like a pro.

If you are born to or raised by a person with less empathy than you I think you were chosen by nature to effectively remove excess empathy that you were born with in a more broad and constructive way than an actual psychopath.

But in between fiction and reality my story was turning out to be nothing but delay. Besides who reads books today.

I needed another profession. So here I am ADS N IO. I fight AIs so you get correct data on your PC.

Usually it is thought that empathy means right brain. It is not like that.

There are two kinds of empathy affective and cognitive.

Affective is due to mirror neurons which are at both side in the pre frontal lobe of brain.

Left brain has predisposition for group or categories while right has for individuals.

So for most people not associated in public affairs they use right brain as a tool for empathy while politicians etc use left.

A right wing politics is not anti analytic. Instead it is a pleasure politics which focuses on giving pleasure with right brain empathy to masses as a means to gain power.

But it still has to categorize which usually result in subjugation of minorities.

Left wing uses more common issues like inflation etc but forget to take into account its banality to individual.

A counter to this is you need to expand empathy but it is really not possible by cutting off your enmeshment with current environment that you identify yourself with.

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South park season 18 episode guide

Season 18
Season eighteen of South Park was aired between September 24 and December 10 of 2014. This season contains ten episodes that form a season-long story arc for the first time in the shows history.

1.) Go Fund Yourself”

Theme Kickstarter and washington redskin.

The boys are looking to begin a startup so they don’t have to do anything. Since the trademark has been pulled they settle on naming the company The Washington Redskins and begin raising money on Kickstarter. The NFL Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder objects to the name being used for the company, and claims to find it disparaging. After pleading with NFL commissioner Rodger Goddell (who turns out to be a robot called the Goddell-bot) Snyder turns to his fellow NFL owners for support, and they vote settle the matter.

Snyder and the Redskins then attack Kickstarter Headquarters (who we find originally come up with the idea of a start-up to do nothing) and knock it offline.

The Redskins, still depressed, opt out of playing a game against the Cowboys leaving Snyder to defend them. Snyder goes out and sacrifices himself to the horror of the crowd. Ultimately this changes public perception and opinion of the Redskins Company and results in a boycott. The boys are then forced to give up the enterprise and go back to school.

Major Running Jokes:
“Washington Redskins, go f*ck yourself”
Washington Redskins as stand-in for Native American Indians.

2.) Gluten Free Ebola

Theme Diet fads

In this episode the boys come back from their startup (the first hint that the season is a story arc). They are unpopular with the student body since they insulted everyone when they quit. The boys decide they must repair their reputations by throwing a party. To hide their true motives they pretend to be throwing it to raise awareness for Scott Malkinson’s diabetes. They promote the party on the radio – promising pizza for all and a concert by the singer Lorde.

During a teachers meeting to discuss punishment for Butters (who burned down the gym) Mr. Mackey introduces the idea of being gluten free and feeling better to the episode. Later, while the citizens of the town are listening to a lecture by a scientist he explains what gluten is, and even distills a batch for everyone to see. The scientist is challenged to drink it and does, only to die a terrible death. The people of South Park begin freaking out and burning everything made with wheat.

Eric, distressed because he can no longer have snacks or throw the party to repair his reputation falls ill. During a fever dream Aunt Jemima explains how to fix the USDA’s food pyramid. When he wakes up Eric calls the USDA and solves the crisis. The boys are then able to have their¬ party instead featuring steak and butter. During her appearance we notice Lorde strongly resembles Randy.

Major Running Joke:
Gluten makes your d*ck fly off.
Public reaction to perceived crisis.

3.) The Cissy”

Theme transgenders

Eric attempts to use the restroom during recess, but the stall is taken. Eric, upset and saying that he has called dibs on the stall during recess puts a bow on his hat while stomping out and heads to the girl’s restroom for his afternoon constitutional. This makes the girls upset. The school then realizes that in order to solve the problem Eric is about to create, they will need to build a transgender bathroom for him to use. Wendy the to call his bluff, begins showing up to school as boy and beings also using the transgender bathroom. That two of his friends are seemingly having gender identity issues causes Stan to begin to question himself. This leads to Stan using the bathroom as well, all of which enrages Cartman and leads to him try to turn the student body against Stan by calling him “Cissy”, a play on being cisgender

Meanwhile through a series of events we learn has been struggling with the emotional weight of his second identity as Lorde for some time now. We discover that Randy became Lorde out of a longing to use the nicer women’s restroom. He is then confronted at work over his usage of the female restroom, pushing him into a depression. He is talked out of his depression by Sharon, which sets off a montage leading to the resolution of the toilet crisis at South Park Elementary.

4.) Handicar

After leaving the theatre Gerald and Sheila Broflovski are introduced to Handicar by a friend. Handicar is an app based transportation service run by Timmy Birch as a fundraiser for Summer Camp. As the app gains popularity Timmy begins to find himself at odds with several competing interests such as taxi drivers and car salesmen and eventually Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Nathan and Mimsy, who do not want to go to camp, tease together several groups to have someone take out Handicar.

Handicar becomes so popular Timmy begins hiring more drivers (called Handicaps). Nathan, in his final attempt to get Handicar shut down goads several parties into a violent cartoon race called a “Wacky Race”. Nathan’s plans are eventually foiled when the Handicaps overwhelm him. Timmy is then able to raise $2.3 billion for camp by selling Handicar to Elon Musk.

5.) The Magic Bush

Theme Drones

Cartman learns that Butter’s dad Steven owns a drone. Cartman steals the drone and that night Butters, Kenny and Cartman assemble to spy on people. While flying they happen to see Craig’s Mom and her large bush. Craig’s parents catch the drone spying and immediately head to Steven’s house to confront him since they know him to be a drone enthusiast. Steven is taken aback; not believing anyone else could be using the drone. Also, because of the conversation Steven begins to believe that the drones are sentient. Cartman meanwhile posts the video of Craig’s Mom’s bush online and the video goes viral.

In response the town Neighborhood Watch passes out community controlled drones so everyone may spy. Eventually, Randy is caught spying and his drone is shot down while running away by a police drone. The town’s drone population begins to riot. Finally to end it all, Cartman lures the drones out of town with a doll of Craig’s naked mom since the drones can’t get enough of her.

Major Running Joke:

Steven’s belief that no one else is using the drone, because the only other person with access to the drone is Butters, and he can’t use it without permission.

The episodes also jab at the unrest in Ferguson, MO and New York over police shootings.

6.) Freemium Isn’t Free

Theme Freemium Isn’t Free,A take on major free mobile  games like Simpsons The Simpsons Tapped Out and Family Guy The Quest for Stuff.

South parks terrance and phillip game in the episode

At school Jimmy introduces Kyle to the Terrance and Phillip game app. While Kyle doesn’t think it’s cool, we soon learn when Randy confronts Stan about having spent more than $400, that Stan has become addicted to the game. Randy believes that Stan may have inherited an addictive gene from his Grandfather. After several attempts to illustrate this point, Stan eventually recognizes his addiction and prays. Satan then appears to answer his questions and explain to him how addiction in human beings works

Meanwhile, Terrance and Phillip are upset that their game is turning their fans into addicts and that the studio is pushing it to children. They complain to the Canadian Minister of Mobile Gaming whom we discover to be Beelzaboot. Satan then possesses Stan, who goes on to fight and defeat the robot.

Major Running Joke:

While reaching out to Stan over his game usage, Randy will repeatedly ignore that he is an alcoholic.

7.) Grounded Vindaloop

Theme Virtual gaming devices.

Cartman manipulates Butters into thinking he is in a virtual reality. Butters acts out and is grounded by his parents. Cartman then receives a call from customer service telling him that he is, in fact, the one stuck in VR. Cartman doesn’t believe him, but we soon learn customer service is correct. The boys find out that Cartman is in virtual reality and go in to rescue him, but Cartman doesn’t believe them.

We eventually learn that the boys are stuck in a paradox loop between VR and real life called a Vindaloop. Virtual Reality customer service eventually gets in touch with real life customer service causing the paradox to end and the boys to go back to real life.

Major Running Joke:
After being told they are stuck in virtual reality each person exclaims “F*ck You”

8.) Cock Magic

Theme Illegal cock fight in america and “Magic:the gathering” the card game,ignorance on women sports.Also a little spoof on the animal rights concerns on cock fight.

The girls’ invite the boys to a girl’s volleyball tournament, but the boys inform them that Kenny is fighting that night in a game of Magic the Gathering. Kenny impressively wins the match, causing the boys to talk about it all day at school. When the janitor overhears, he pulls the boys aside and tells them about an underground match. They boys go and find roosters instead of humans playing the game (called “Cock Magic and apparently illegal as it garners police attention). Everyone likes it and they decide to get a rooster of their own. When they finally play their rooster he impressively wins the match decisively which leads to them being recruited into a larger league.

Randy meanwhile has confused Cock Magic with a type of dance he used to perform in college. The boy’s high stakes Cock Magic match is raided by police, but the raid is spoiled by Randy who shows up and performs his version of Cock Magic.

Major Running Joke:
Randy misunderstanding Cock Magic


Theme Youtube commentators

Kyle buys a new videogame to play with Ike, but Ike is not interested as he is watching Pewdie Pie – a YouTube commentator. Cartman is inspired by the idea and begins recording and commenting on YouTube as “Cartman Brah” and begins trending.

Meanwhile, Randy is scheduled to perform at a concert but he is nervous he will not be well received. At the urging of a record executive, Randy begins graphically touching himself when the concert bombs.

Somehow, Cartman Brah’s commentary window begins to break into new panes of reality and eventually makes an agreement to work for the record company.

10.) #HappyHolograms

Theme Youtube commentators,Holograms.

Kyle, lamenting that “the living room is dying”, publishes a poem on Twitter that begins trending. The trend is picked up by the television studio, which use Bill Cosby to recruit Kyle.

Cartman Brah meanwhile continues to break into new panes of reality. Eventually the holograms of Tupac and Michael Jackson meet each other and join teams to kill the record executive.

The record executive then uses Kyle as leverage to get Randy to commit to playing a Christmas Holiday Special to get the kids to enjoy what he enjoys.

Cartman Brah continues to grow, getting closer to what he calls Trendscendence. These events cause Kyle to see Ike’s perspective, and with the children now on Kyle’s side Pewdie Pie is summoned and promptly kicks Cartman Brah off the air.

At the end of the episode Stan and Kyle discuss the overall theme of the season: entertainment is a changing industry. They find solace in the fact that kids are now able to pick their own entertainment choices instead of having them marketed at them, and they decide that they shouldn’t judge it just because they don’t understand it.

Major Running Joke:
The Bill Cosby Rape Case
Unchecked Police violence against black people a la Ferguson, MO

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South park season 12 episode guide

1.)Tonsil Trouble

March 12, 2008

Theme: AID’s epidemic.

Main Characters: Cartman, Kyle, Magic Johnson.

Description: Cartman goes to the hospital for a tonsillectomy, but it goes wrong. He wakes up with AID’s. He also infects Kyle with the disease. The two spend the episode trying to find a cure for the disease. The two go and see Magic Johnson, who has figured out how to beat AID’s.

Highlights: “Were not just sure, were HIV positive.”

2.)Britney’s New Look

March 19, 2008

Theme: Britney Spears social faux pas and the lottery.

Main Characters: Britney Spears, Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Butters.

Description: The boys try to get a picture of Britney Spears social faux pas. However after Britney survives a suicide attempt. The boys find out why Britney does the things she does, and tries to save her.

Highlights: Britney Spears singing “Gimme More.”

3.)Major B**bage

March 26, 2008

Theme: Homage to classic movie “Heavy Metal.” Also sniffing as a way to get high.

Main Characters: Kenny, Cartman, Kyle’s dad.

Description: Kenny starts to sniff cat urine in order to get high, and his friends become worried about him. The town bans all cats, so Cartman takes in all of the town’s cats. Also Kyle’s dad relapses into sniffing cat urine.

Highlights: “I see you are enticed by my daughter’s awesome rockin t*ts.”

4.)Canada on Strike

April 2, 2008

Theme: 2007-2008 Writers strike in america.

Main Characters: Stephen Abootman, Butters, Terrance and Phillip, Ike, Kyle.

Description: Canada “Appreciation Day” is mocked in the U.S. This leads Canada to go on strike. They demand money from the internet. The boys try to turn Butters into the next big internet star.

Highlights: “I’m not your buddy friend”

5.)Eek, a P*nis
April 9, 2008

Theme: Patriots football team cheating.

Main Characters: Mr. Garrison, Cartman, Patriots.

Description: Mrs. Garrison goes to reverse his s*x change. Cartman is left in charge becoming a strict teacher.

Highlights: “My p*nis is on the loose, if you see it just try and catch it with some cheese.”

6.)Over Logging

April 16, 2008

Theme: Grapes of Wrath and Internet.

Main Characters: Stan, Shelly, Randy, Kyle.

Description: After the whole town finds out there is no internet. Randy takes his family west to California where he hears there is still internet.

Highlights: ” Once you j**koff to Japanese girls puking into each other’s mouths you can’t exactly go back to Playboy.”

7.)Super Fun Time

April 23, 2008

Theme: Living museum where workers who don’t break character

Main Characters: Cartman, Butters.

Description: The kids take a field trip to a living museum; where the workers don’t break character. Cartman and Butters sneak away to the amusement park next door. The rest of the class is taken hostage by robbers.

Highlights: “I wanna shoot an Indian.”

8.)The China Probrem

October 8, 2008

Theme: Indiana Jones and the Olympics

Main Characters: Cartman, Butters, Stan, Kyle, Kenny.

Description: Stan, Kyle, and Kenny are traumatized after watching the newest Indiana Jones movie. Cartman and Butters invade P.F. Chang’s. Because Cartman thinks the Chinese will invade America.

Highlights: “I bet you can squeal, I bet you can squeal like a pig.”

9.)Breast Cancer Show Ever
October 15, 2008

Theme: Breast cancer.

Main Characters: Wendy, Cartman

Description: Cartman makes fun of Wendy’s report about breast cancer. Wendy then challenges him to a fight.

Highlights: “you’re the one talking about killer t*tties.”


October 22, 2008

Theme: Peruvian flute bands.

Main Characters: Peruvian flute bands, the boys, Craig.

Description: Peruvian flute bands are everywhere. The boys ask Craig to help finance their own flute band. The government is trying to figure out how to handle the Peruvian flute bands everywhere.

Highlights: “Sir, I promise you I will not ruin your plans. I’ll just walk away, see?”

11.)Pandemic 2 – The Startling

October 29, 2008

Theme: Making fun of first-person startle horror movies.

Main Characters: Randy, the boys, and giant guinea pigs.

Description: The boys are lost in the Andes Mountains. Where they found out the secret to why the giant guinea pigs are attacking. Randy documents the attacks with his video camera.

Highlights: ” Oh god, oh god, I’m so startled.”

12.)About Last Night

November 5, 2008

Theme: Day after the 2008 Presidential election.

Main Characters: Barrack Obama, John McCain.

Description: In South Park the Obama supporters are celebrating his victory, while McCain supporters fear the end of the world.

Highlights: “Celebrate good Obama, come on! It’s Obama Obama…”

13.)Elementary School Musical

November 12, 2008

Theme: Parody of Disney’s High School Musical.

Main Characters: The Boys, Briden, Mr. Queero.”

Description: The boys realize they are the only kids at school who are not affected by the High School Musical fad.

Highlights: “Oh now I’m slap happy. Slap, slap, slap.”

14.)The Ungroundable

November 19, 2008

Theme: Twilight fad is spreading.

Main Characters: Butters and the Goth kids.

Description: The vampire fad is popular cause of the movie Twilight. Butters think’s vampires are real. The Goth kid’s style is mistaken with the vampire style.

Highlights: “I’m not part of your society.”

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South park season 9 episode guide

1.) Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vag**a

March 9, 2005

Theme: Complications men and women face before and after plastic surgery.

Main Characters: Ms. Garrison and Kyle.

Description: Ms. Garrison has a sex change operation, which inspires Kyle to seek out an operation to become African American after he is kicked off a basketball team. Everyone soon begins a search for Ms. Garrison’s sctum, which Kyle crushes while playing basketball.

Highlights: Someone come and pound my vage!

2.)Die Hippie, Die

March 16, 2005

Theme: An exploration of the uselessness of ultra-liberal philosophies presented by hippies.

Main Characters: Cartman

Description: Cartman discovers several bands of hippies who have taken up residence in South Park and decides to round them up. The hippies soon reign terror upon the city by taking up permanent residence in the town and overpopulating it.

Highlights: Wohoo! You ate too much acid, man!


March 23, 2005

Theme: How talent agents take advantage of their celebrity clients continuously.

Main Characters: Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny,wing

Description: Token, the single African American child in South Park, is a talented singer. The boys attempt to make a profit out of him by becoming his agents, but soon find themselves without a means to return home, and without a profitable client.

Highlights: Welcome to Shitty-Wok, can I take your order?

4.)Best Friends Forever

March 30, 2005

Theme: 2005 terry schiavo case.

Main Characters: Kenny and Cartman

Description: Kenny receives a Sony PSP with a game called Heaven versus Hell. Soon after reaching level sixty, Kenny is hit by a truck and ascends to heaven. While in heaven he is informed he must lead God’s army against Hell’s.

Highlights: Are you stupid, Uriel? Japanese people don’t have souls!

5.)The Losing Edge

April 6, 2005

Theme: Baseball is boring.

Main Characters: Randy

Description: The boys are excited when they think their baseball season is over. However, when they reach the post-season games, the boys can never find a team willing to lose to them. Meanwhile, Randy removes his clothing and always picks fights with other dads.

Highlights: What do you wanna’ do, huh? What are you gonna’ do!?

6.)The Death of Eric Cartman

April 13, 2005

Theme: Parody of sixth sense and ghost whisperer.

Main Characters: Cartman

Description: Cartman steals the boy’s chicken. The boys convince everyone to ignore Cartman as well. Butters did not get the memo, and Cartman resolves that Butters can see dead people. Poor Butters must endure Cartman’s demands while battling insanity and butt-probes.

Highlights: Because he’s a fat, racist, self-centered asshole?

Butters mental illness is treated by probing him anally.

7.)Erection Day

April 20, 2005

Theme: The many problems boys encounter when growing up.

Main Characters: Jimmy

Description: Jimmy discovers he is having erections randomly. Jimmy seeks the help of a scummy prostitute, which does not work out.

Highlights: Jimmy, we understand you’re getting erections in the classroom

8.)Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

October 19, 2005

Theme: How people react to disasters they don’t completely understand.Hurricane katrina.

Main Characters: Stan and Cartman

Description: Stan and Cartman manage to destroy a beaver dam, which incurs a giant flood over the city of Beaverton. Scientists blame the flood on global warming. As a result, society descends into chaos while global warming strikes across Colorado.

Highlights: George Bush didn’t destroy the beaver dam! It was terrorists and Al-Qaeda!

Randy marsh- Dont be a Fag


October 26, 2005

Theme: The differences between boys and girls.

Main Characters: Butters

Description: Stan, Cartman, and Kyle’s class discover the girls have a device that can foretell the future. Cartman convinces the boys they must obtain the device at all costs, so Butters fakes his own death and infiltrates a girl’s slumber party as a girl.

Highlights: Remember, Butters, you must get that future telling device at all costs! And just roll with it if they start lezzing out.

10.)Follow That Egg

November 2, 2005

Theme: Whether or not gay marriage is wrong.

Main Characters: Stan and Mrs. Garrison

Description: The children are tasked with taking care of an egg with a partner. Ms. Garrison becomes incensed when Colorado decides to pass a law that will allow same-sex marriages and decides to pair Kyle and Stan together to take care of their egg.

Highlights: You’ve all been doing a great job with your eggs, but now let’s mix it up a little!

11.)Ginger Kids

November 9, 2005

Theme: Gingervitus

Main Characters: Cartman and Kyle

Description: Cartman gives a presentation that claims ginger-kids are evil and soulless. Kyle disputes Cartman’s claims, despite an eeriness surrounding ginger children in South Park. Kyle and Stan apply makeup to Cartman to make him ginger, and Cartman rallies the other gingers to his cause to fight back against discrimination.

Highlights: This disease is called gingervitus, and it occurs because ginger kids have no souls.

12.)Trapped in the Closet

November 16, 2005

Theme: Religious beliefs are frequently ridiculous and manipulative.

Main Characters: Stan

Description: Stan discovers the Church of Scientology, which quickly recognizes him as OT9. The church believes Stan is a reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard and proclaims him as their spiritual leader.

Highlights: Dad! Tom Cruise won’t come out of my closet!

13.)Free Willzyx

November 23, 2005

Theme: Parody of free willy movies.

Main Characters: Kyle

Description: Kyle discovers a whale in an aquarium that can talk. Unknown to Kyle, the whale can’t talk and the speech is actually a prank by two announcers. The boys steal the whale and send it to the moon.

Highlights: Don’t you say that! It was funny! It was really funny!

14.)Bloody Mary

November 30, 2005

Theme: Self control.

Main Characters: Stan and Randy

Description: Randy picks up the kids at karate practice and drives them home while drunk. Randy must endure verbal punishments before he discovers he is an alcoholic through AA. Randy seeks out a miracle to cure himself.

Highlights: You know, Stan, I’d say your dad a-racks a-disciprin!

What seems to be the officer problem.

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South park season 7 episode guide



Theme: Alien invasion and Probing

Main character: Eric, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Chef

Description: This episode starts off with the four boys waiting at the bus stop to go to school. When chef arrives and asks the children what they are up to. Causing Stan and Kyle to feel as if dacha vow is occurring. Then they realize Eric has an alien probe inside of him. The children and chef then go on a journey to discover what the aliens want.

Highlights: this episode contains similarities from the original Dukes of Hazards show that was aired from 19

2.)Krazy Kripples


Theme: outlawing stem cell research due to the inhumanity of it

main characters: Jimmy, Timmy, and Christopher Reed

Description: this episode starts off with Jimmy throwing a comedy show. Only to find out that all but one child went to see Christopher Reed speak in town about stem cell research. Jimmy becomes angered with Christopher Reed for stealing his audience. He decides to team up with Timmy a fellow cripple, to start a club of people who were born cripple only. Jimmy wants to name this club the Crypts. At a T-Shirt design shop Jimmy is informed that there is already a gang named that. He then decides that Timmy and him will joined this gang. Believing it is nothing more then a type of club. Once they have joined they must end the feud between the crypts and bloods or end up dead themselves

3.)Toilet Paper


Theme: getting revenge on an art teacher

Main characters: Kyle, Stan, Eric, Kenny, and officer Barbery

Description: In this episode the four boys get kept after school by their art teacher. They then attempted to get revenge on their teacher by toilet papering her house. Afterwards police officer Bradbery starts an investigation to find the culprits responsible for this crime. Kyles conscience torment’s him for toilet papering the house. While the other three boys seem unbothered by it. Kyle manages to get Stan and Kenny to agree about committing to their crime instead of ling. After trying to kill Stan, Kyle, and Kenny and failing to do so. Eric decides to admit to the crime first to try and receive a better deal then the other three boys.

Highlights: There is a character in this episode that resembles Hannibal lector. By asking personal and invading questions before answering the detectives questions about a crime.

4.)I’m a Little Bit Country


Theme: prevention of war and the right to protest

Main Character’s: Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kyle Broflovski

Description: In this episode the entire town of south park is divided in two. One group supports war, while the other group opposes and protests against war. Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny are then assigned a report on the founding fathers. And what they might say about the right to protest war. After Eric puts him self into the hospital by electrocuting himself. The three remaining boys try to finish there report until Kenny is forced to go with his parents and can no longer help. In the end Eric saves the day. By stopping the pro and anti war groups from fighting. By explaining how each group is important and necessary for the country.

5.)Fat Bu** and Pancake Head


Theme: Eric Cartman creates a fake Jennifer Lopez on his hand

Main character: Kenny, Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Jennifer Lopez

Description: In this episode Eric pretends his hand is Jennifer Lopez. In an attempt to win a one hundred dollar mall gift certificate. Eric decides to use part of his gift certificate to make a music video. So the real Jennifer Lopez is fired from her record company and then comes to south park to beat the fake Jennifer up. After this Ben Aflac leaves the real Jennifer for the fake one. In the end the real Jennifer ends up working at a taco restraints.

“Tacho tacho burrito burrito”

6.)Lil’ Crime Stoppers

Theme: Native Americans try to buy and level South Park Colorado

Main character: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric

Description: This episode is about Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny by becoming actual police officers. While playing a childish game pretending to be police officers. While being real police officers the four boys blow up a meth lab. Then were put in a gun fight with a drug lord.

7.)Red Man’s Greed


Theme: Native Americans try to buy and level South Park Colorado

Main character: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric

Description: This episode is about Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny by becoming actual police officers. While playing a childish game pretending to be police officers. While being real police officers the four boys blow up a meth lab. Then were put in a gun fight with a drug lord.

8.)South Park is Gay


Theme: the people of South Park go through a metrosexual phase

Main charters: Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Eric, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave

Description: This episode is about the male towns people of South Park Colorado. Being influenced by television shows to act gay but not really be gay. The town calls this metrosexual and all but Kyle, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Slave, and all the female towns people go along with this popular trend. The three guy go to the television production studio to talk to the actors in the show that is setting this unwanted example. Only to find out they are not even human but instead are crab people. Living organisms that look like crabs but speak like people. The crab people have been forced to live under ground for centuries. So they plan to take over the world by turning all men weak and cowardly. Only to be stopped by the women in South Park in the end.

Stan:”Dude I cant wait for wendy to see how gay i look” Cartman:Thats true you guys when the chicks see how gay we are they going to be all over us”

“Crab people,crab people”

9.)Christian Rock Hard


Theme: Eric and Kyle make a bet to see who’s band can will a platinum album first.

Main character: Eric, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Butters, and Token

Description: This episode is about a bet between Eric and Kyle over who’s band could receive a platinum album first. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny create a band called Moop. They then decide to download free music off the internet and then get arrested for it. After seeing the damage that downloading music for free can do. They decide to go on strike until people stop downloading music for free. On day two of their strike other artists join the cause. While this is happening Eric’s band decides to make a Christian rock band and call it Faith+1. There band then manages to sell one million copies of there album in an attempt to win the bet. Just to find out that Christian musicians can not receive platinum albums. After discovering that he can never win the bet he maid with Kyle. Eric starts cursing and driving away all of their fans and gets beat up by token for doing so.

10.)Grey Dawn


Theme: elderly people have there license’s confiscated and retaliate against non senor citizens in response.

Main characters: Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Eric , and Stan’s grandpa

Description: In this episode we start off at a funeral funereal related to elderly driving with the main characters. After a few more driving accidents related to elderly drivers. The DMV decides to take elderly drivers license’s away from them. Stan’s grandpa decides to drive despite not having a license and gets arrested. After getting arrested he decides to call a pep team that helps the senior citizens take over the town of south park. Forcing the four boys to devise a plan that will allow them to beat the senior citizens.

11.)Casa Bonita


Theme: Eris has to go to Kyles Birthday party

Main characters: Kyle, Stan, Kenny, Eric, and Butters

Description: In this episode Kyle is having a birthday party at Casa Bonita and can invite three friends. Kyle decides to invite Stan, Kenny, and Butters while excluding Eric. Eric decides he must go to Kyle’s birthday party. So he devises a plan to get Kyle to invite him to the birthday party. He decides to pretend to like Kyle and act nice to him. Kyle decides to finally except Eric’s apology. Kyle tells Eric that if Butter is not able to go to the party Eric can. So Eric hides Butters for a whole week just in order to attend Kyle’s party. While attending Kyle’s party , Butters is found and Eric goes to juvenile hall for one week.

12.)All About Mormons


Theme: understand the Mormon religion and excepting their own beliefs

Main characters: Gary, Eric, Stan, Kyler, and Kenny

Description: In this episode a new kid named Gary comes to school. Stan is sent over to beat the kid up, but ends up getting invited to dinner instead. While Stan is at Gary’s house they tell him about the Mormon religion and how it was started. Stan goes home and asks his parents why they never told him about man who started the Mormon religion. Stan’s dad becomes angered over this and goes to beat up Gary’s dad. Yet he ends up getting invited to their house for dinner with his whole family. After seeing how happy Gary’s family appears Stan’s dad converts the whole family to Mormonism. Shortly after this Stan tells both Gary’s family and his family what he really thinks about Mormons. After which Stan’s dad kicks Gary’s family out of their house.


“dan dan dan dan dan”

13.)Butt Out


Theme: to put an end to smoking in South Park, Colorado

Main characters: Rob Riner, Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny

Description: In this episode an organization does an assembly at the boys school. They find it uncool and fear not smoking. Once the adults in the organization promise that if they don’t smoke. They will grow up to be just like them. After being promised this the boys try to pick up smoking and get caught behind the school. Then they accidently manage to sett the school on fire. The kids tell their parents that it was the tobacco companies fault they they started smoking. So the parents call Rob Reiner to help stop the tobacco company. Robert decides to put Eric in a commercial where Eric states he has lung cancer from second hand smoke and will soon die. After the commercial Rob tries to kill Eric to help promote the end of smoking in South Park. Causing the kids to run to the tobacco company for help.



Theme: Wendy breaks up with Stan so the other boys try to show him that their are more girls out there.Hooters spoof.

Main characters: Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Eric, Wendy, Butters, and Token

Description: This episode is about Wendy dumping Stan. After this happening Stan falls into a depressed state of mind. So Stan decides to join the Goth kid group at his school. Shortly after joining this group Kyle tries to change Stan’s mind. In the end only one person can change his mind, Butters.

15.)It’s Christmas in Canada


Theme: Ike is taken back to Canada by his birth parents

Main characters: Kyle, Kenny, Eric, Stan, and Ike

Description: In this episode Kyle’s little brother is taken away to Canada by his birth parents. Kyle goes and asks his three friends to go to Canada with him to go see the prime minister and get Ike back. However the boys only agree to go with Kyle to help get Ike back. After they find out their will be no Christmas if they don’t get Ike back. So the four boys bargain with the owner of City Wok for a cheap flight to Canada. They end up crash landing in Canada where they get instructions on how to get to the prime minister. Along the way they collect three new acquaintances. So they all go off to see the prime minister only to discover that he is Sudan Husain in disguises.

Highlight: This episode has similarities that resemble the wizard of oz.

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South park season 1 episode guide

1.)Cartman Gets an A**l Probe


Theme- Space aliens study South Park children.

Main characters- Cartman,Aliens, Chef, Ike, Kyle
Description- Kyle doesn’t appreciate Ike until he’s abducted by space aliens. Cartman’s a**l probe controls his actions and causes him to fart flames .The aliens return Ike,taking Cartman, only to return him.

Highlights: “D**do”.

2.)Weight Gain 4000

Theme- Cartman bulks up to impress Kathie Lee.Consumerism.

Main characters- Garrison,Kathie Lee Gifford,Cartman

Description- Kathie Lee Gifford will award Cartman ‘s grand prize essay, Mr. Garrison plots revenge. Kathie Lee defeated him in a talent show.
Cartman bulks up on 4000 Weight Gain, believing he’s a 90 lb weakling. He’s disappointed when Kathie Lee leaves the ceremony early. The televised show ‘s cancelled. His beefcake body ends up on the Geraldo show.

Highlight- Kathie Lee beds Chef.


Theme- Never camp near a volcano.Hunting.

Main characters- Uncle Jimbo,Scuzzlebutt , Cartman,Stan

Description- Camping near a volcano, the boys learn to use a gun and light a campfire with gasoline.Mayor recruits a team to dig a trench for the lava and another team to find the boys.The volcano erupts.Scuzzlebutt helps the boys over the trench . Cartman murders his hero.

Highlight- Scuzzlebutt’s Patrick Duffy leg.

4.)Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boatride

Theme- Homosexuality.
Main characters- Al, Stan, Cartman, Garrison, Sparky

Description- Sparky is gay. Stan wants him straight.Sparky runs to Gay Al’s retreat where gay animals are accepted.Stan follows him and learns to accept Sparky.

Highlight: Sparky chases Sylvester in a circle before humping him.

5.)An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig


Theme- You can’t cross an elephant and a pig.Genetic engineering.

Main characters- Garrison, Stan,Dr. Mephisto, Kyle

Description- Splicing the genes of Kyle’s elephant with the genes of Stan’s pig can’t be done.Kyle and Stan try mating the pig and elephant.The pig’s baby resembles Mr. Garrison.

Highlight- Elephant siphons beer from keg.

Dr. Mephesto: “….And here of course is my four-assed ostrich.”
Stan: “Do you have anything besides animals with just four asses?”


Theme- Parenting and tv shows.South park response to parents criticizing the show.

Main characters- Mrs. Brofslovski,Grandpa,Kyle , Stan

Description- Grandpa wants Stan to murder him.
Mrs. Brofslovski protests against Terrance and Phillip show.After a failed attempt to drop a cow on grandpa, Death haunts the boys.Grandpa’s grandpa spirit tells him he was wrong to kill his grandfather. Grandpa wants to be eaten in Africa.

Highlight- Cow hanging from tree, about to drop on Grandpa.


Theme- Real problems go unnoticed. Halloween spirit for children.

Main characters- Kenny,Cartman, Kyle, Principal Victoria.

Description- Kenny becomes a brain eating zombie.
Principal Victoria’s offended by Cartman’s Hitler costume,making him wear a white sheet.There’s a false outbreak of pinkeye.Kenny’s undead condition wins best costume. Kenny dies.

Highlight- Chef scared of Cartman’s sheet.

Cartman:”All of a sudden my costume is pretty bada** huh?”

8.)Starvin’ Marvin


Theme-Indifference towards the underprivileged.

Main characters- Cartman, Marvin

Description- Cartman receives Marvin, instead of a sports watch. Cartman’s mistakenly kidnapped and sent to Africa. There’s no food, only sports watches.Stan‘s family has a can of string beans for Thanksgiving, but no can opener

Highlight- “Boo Boo GeeBees” (Chef)

9.)Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo

Theme- South Park shows the importance of Christmas Spirit.
Main characters-Kyle, Mr Garrison, Mrs. Broflovski

Description- Mrs. Broflavski protests Christmas festivities because they offend Jews.Kyle thinks poo’s aliveHis real friends commit him.
During the nonreligious play, the audience fight.Poo comes to life, restoring Christmas spirit.Jesus has lonely birthday.

Highlight- “Hidy Ho” Christmas Poo.


Theme- Satan is evil.

Main characters-Satan, Jesus,Damien, Cartman, Kenny

Description- Damien encourages a boxing match between Jesus and Satan.

Cartman ends his birthday party early because he didn’t get his red Mega Man.
Jesus boxes Satan and wins.

Highlight- Satan built like Mike Tyson.

11.)Tom’s Rhinoplasty

Tom’s Rhinoplasty

Theme- Mr. Garrison learns rhinoplasty won’t attract happiness.

Main characters-Mr. Garrison, Stan, Ms. Ellen ,Wendy
Description-Garrison’s rhinoplasty resembles David Hasselhoff. Garrison quits modeling, returning to teaching.

Highlight- Cartman to Wendy:”Ah ha ha ha.”

12.)Mecha Striesand


Theme-Barbra Streisand comes to South Park, searching for a triangle, becomes a mechanical destructive Kaiju.

Main characters- Mr. Garrison, Barbra Streisand

Description- Barbra Steisand finds triangle that fits the one she already has, turning her into a large destructive robot. Other large robots attempt to destroy her until the Cure’s Robert Smith blasts her into outer space.

Highlight- Robot gives Mrs. Broflavski an autograph.

13.)Cartman’s Mom is a Dirty S**t

Theme- Cartman seeks out his dad

Main characters- Cartman, Ms. Cartman, Chef, Garrison

Description- Cartman wants to know his fathers identity. His mother slept around a lot . Cartman suspects every South Park man. The men await DNA test results.

Highlight- Hoo Hoo Cha Cha

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